Category: Tales of Survival

Clinical Correlations


By Anna Hirsch

Medium: Paper collage

Case Description: The patient who inspired this visual work is a 57-year-old man who came to the hospital with 10 days of bilateral leg swelling and pain so …

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The Care Lost in Translation

Tales of Survival 5 min read

By Aaron Troy

Peer Reviewed

23-year-old man with no past medical history presenting with 1 year of intermittent 7/10 left-sided chest pain lasting for 15-20 minutes.  The pain feels like a “needle prick,” is non-exertional, and …

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Tales of Survival: Night Float

Tales of Survival 6 min read

By: Margot Hedlin

Emergencies happen slowly sometimes. His organs were shutting down – first the liver, its failure evident from his skin’s jaundiced hue; then he couldn’t protect his airway, so …

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Facing the Culture of Silence in Medicine

Tales of Survival 6 min read

By Ofole Mgbako, MD

We are at a crossroads. The recent movement of courageous Americans, mostly women, sharing their stories and facing down their abusers, has forced the reexamination of a culture of silence that drives rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment …

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