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Clinical Correlations

Tales of Survival: Night Float

Tales of Survival 6 min read

By: Margot Hedlin

Emergencies happen slowly sometimes. His organs were shutting down – first the liver, its failure evident from his skin’s jaundiced hue; then he couldn’t protect his airway, so …

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Facing the Culture of Silence in Medicine

Tales of Survival 6 min read

By Ofole Mgbako, MD

We are at a crossroads. The recent movement of courageous Americans, mostly women, sharing their stories and facing down their abusers, has forced the reexamination of a culture of silence that drives rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment …

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Tales of Survival: Red Sox Rivalry

Tales of Survival 5 min read

By Kate Otto Chebly

Peer Reviewed

Mr. Williams came to us as so many patients do.

“I just fell down,” he repeated, grumpily, his snaggletooth resting on his cracked, pursed lips.

Our team of eight white …

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