Clinical Pathology Conference 1/08

January 24, 2008

ampitheater.jpgCase presentation by Minisha Sood MD, Chief Resident

Welcome to the monthly posting of our NYU Department of Medicine’s Clinical Pathology Conference. Use the link below to review the case, followed by a slide presentation of the radiological findings. Feel free to make your diagnosis by clicking the comment field. We will reveal the answer next week.

Clinical Pathology Conference Case Presentation 1/08


One Response to Clinical Pathology Conference 1/08

  1. Fernando Ramos on February 2, 2008 at 11:52 am

    Pulmonary nodular lesions may be from acute or subacute-chronic onset. As this patient has an acute onset the following causes of nodular pulmonary lesions could be ruled out: TB, nocardiosis, tumor or fungus. I favor an acute pulmonary bacterial infection as the cause of this patient´s illness