Ask a Librarian5
You may have seen us at clinical rounds, faculty council, or IRB sessions. You may have wondered why a medical librarian would be present outside the library. Our exact function is often a mystery to clinicians, and so, we have decided to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves in the Ask a Librarian column and tell you everything we have to offer.
Bedside Rounds15
On Bedside Rounds, you will learn not only practical physical diagnosis pearls, but also the historical context in which these findings were discovered.
Book Review1
Breaking News70
Chiefs' Inquiry Corner86
Class Act237
Class Act will feature posts written by NYU 3rd and 4th year medical students. These posts will focus on evidenced based answers to clinical questions related to patients seen by our students in the clinics or on the wards. Prior to publication, each commentary is thoroughly reviewed for content by a faculty member.
Clinical Questions235
CORE IM Podcast44
CORE IM is a consortium of educators aligned to create internal medicine-specific portable learning tools in the form of podcasts, corresponding show notes and illustrations. Our goal is to help today’s busy clinician synthesize and consolidate important teaching points. The podcast will deliver high-yield digestible content on various clinically relevant internal medicine topics that can be easily incorporated into demanding schedules.
NYU Department of Medicine’s Clinical Pathology Conference. Review a mystery case and the radiological findings. Our faculty and medical students will be attempting to diagnose this unknown case as part of a monthly noon conference at Bellevue Hospital.
Diseases 2.038
Diseases 2.0 – Bringing you the latest updates on disease pathophysiology and treatment.
Evolution and Medicine9
The aim of the Evolution and Medicine column is to share fascination with the view of health and illness through an evolutionary lens. Through this lens, the very nature of questions one can ask shifts from proximate “what” questions about mechanism and development in individuals to evolutionary “why” questions about selection forces and phylogenetic development.
From the Archives76
Gamechanger?–- a series that takes a critical look at the latest in medical literature to answer one important question: would the results of this article change my practice? Featuring thorough evidence-based review as well as expert commentary, our aim is for this series to help you decide if the results of a given study are, in fact, a gamechanger.
Grand Rounds40
Summary posts of the week’s Medicine Grand Rounds lecture. The summaries are reviewed and approved by the grand rounds speaker prior to posting.
Healthcare Policy41
In HotSpots, we highlight unique websites of interest to the medical profession. Feel free to make suggestions for sites that should be featured in this series by clicking the comment field or sending us an email.
Journal Club15
Medical History3
Medical Informatics1
Medicine by the Numbers11
Meeting Perspectives24
Mystery Quiz60
Myths and Realities29
With each post in Myths and Realities, we hope to tackle some of the longstanding myths often perpetuated by patients and physicians alike. Through literature reviews we will attempt to validate or debunk these beliefs in an evidence-based manner. We hope you enjoy (and learn a little bit)!
With medical advances occurring at such a rapid pace, it is crucial for physicians to keep pace with the medical literature. Given the sheer quantity and breadth of literature released on a daily basis, this can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor. Primecuts (formerly known as ShortCuts) helps you stay current by taking a shallow dive into the most important recently released articles that should be on your radar. Our goal is to allow you to slow down for a few minutes and take some small sips from the medical literature firehose.
Our Spotlight series uses case vignettes to explore diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management of a wide variety of diseases seen in the outpatient and inpatient settings. Articles in the Spotlight section contain clinical pearls that will be highlighted in the case discussion. While the occasional zebra may appear, the goal of the series is to provide clinically relevant information, and each case has been selected specifically for the relevance of its learning points rather than its rarity.
Tales from the Bedside50
It is safe to say that every resident who trains at NYU graduates with a lifetime of stories about their experience. “Tales from the Bedside” was created to convey some of those experiences.