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Clinical Correlations

Core IM Hoofbeats: 47M with Chest Pain

CORE IM Podcast 2 min read

By John Hwang MD, Cindy Fang MD, Patrick Cocks MD, David Stern MD || Illustration by Amy Ou MD || Audio Editing by Harit Shah

Time Stamps

  • New features in this episode [00:25]
  • Data point 1: Early hypothesis generation? [03:20]
  • Data point 2: Pertinent negatives? [11:18]
  • Data point 3: Representativeness heuristic over-represented in medical education? …

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Core IM: 5 Pearls on Barrett’s Esophagus

CORE IM Podcast GI 3 min read

By Vishal Shah MD, Milna Rufin MD, Marty Fried MD, Shreya P. Trivedi MD || Illustration by Amy Ou MD || Audio Editing by Harit Shah. Quiz yourself on the 5 Pearls we will be covering:

  • What is Barrett’s esophagus? (4:12)
  • Who do we screen for Barrett’s, and why? (8:41)
  • How do we …

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Core IM Hoofbeats: 34M with Fever, Headache and Myalgias

CORE IM Podcast podcast 15 min read

By Shira Sachs MD, Stephanie Sherman MD, Cindy Fang MD and John Hwang MD || Audio Editing by Richard Chen || Graphic by Amy Ou MD

Time Stamps

  • Player three has entered the game! [0:15]
  • Case presentation, part 1 [1:20]
  • First impressions [3:24]
  • Rethinking another provider’s diagnosis [4:36]
  • Interpreting the test of treatment [9:42]
  • Keeping your instincts on …

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