Core IM Hoofbeats: A 66M w RUQ pain, a 41M in Afib w RVR and a 50M w Syncope

April 10, 2019

By Cindy Fang MD, David Kudlowitz MD, John Hwang MD || Illustration by Amy Ou MD || Audio Editing by Richard Chen, Harit Shah

For a transcript of the podcast and show notes:

Time Stamps

  • New features in this episode [0:30]
  • Case one: 66M w RUQ pain [1:09]
  • Case two: 41M w Afib in RVR [9:26]
  • Case three: 50M w Syncope [14:33]
  • Reveal [19:57]
  • Retrieving illness scripts [22:29]
  • Typical versus Atypical presentation of diseases [26:12]


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