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Clinical Correlations

Encephalopathy’s Muse

By Gregory Rubinfeld, MD

The thick and sultry August outside,

The stale ammonia scented inside,

James The Poet, bedridden, writing in a fury,

Charlotte on a chair next to him, yawning.


So too have I become…

My whole frame taken, turned,

The very color of my flesh

Yellowed like the pages of an old book.…

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Are Fasting Lipids Necessary?

By Anthony Marte
Peer Reviewed

It is a common sequence of dialogue in clinic: “I’d like to draw some blood for cholesterol,” says the doctor. “Have you eaten today?” With downcast eyes, the patient replies, “Yes, I had a snack. I just got so hungry.” The well-intentioned physician concedes, “That’s okay.…

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Food for Thought

By Hannah Kopinski
Peer Reviewed

Diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. One would be hard pressed to find an adult primary care physician in the United States who would not list these three chronic medical conditions as the metaphorical bread and butter of his or her practice.…

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