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Clinical Correlations

End Tidal CO2 – How Has It Changed CPR?

By  David Pineles, MD

Peer Reviewed

You are a third-year internal medicine resident finishing your night shift at John Doe Hospital. Your shift so far was challenging to say the least: six admissions to the general medicine service. It was a hodgepodge of elderly patients with multiple medical co-morbidities sprinkled with difficult family members.…

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Encephalopathy’s Muse

By Gregory Rubinfeld, MD

The thick and sultry August outside,

The stale ammonia scented inside,

James The Poet, bedridden, writing in a fury,

Charlotte on a chair next to him, yawning.


So too have I become…

My whole frame taken, turned,

The very color of my flesh

Yellowed like the pages of an old book.…

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