October 13, 2006

 Clinical Correlations

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Clinical Correlations Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Neil Shapiro MD, FACP

Executive Editor: Michael Tanner MD

Associate Editors:  Alison Guttman MD, Kevin Hauck MD,  Ian Henderson MD, Neha Jindal MD,

David Kudlowitz MD, Amar Parikh, Scott Statman MD, Dana Zalkin MD

Managing Editor: Anita Smitherman

Technical Editor: Marc Triola MD

Copy Editors: Adam Blaisdell,  Lauren Strazulla, Jason Wang

Editor-at-Large: Cara Litvin MD, Matthew Vorsanger MD

Section Editors:

Cardiology: Robert Donnino MD

Ethics: Antonella Surbone MD, PhD

Gastroenterology: Michael Poles MD

Infectious Disease: Melanie Maslow MD

Mystery Quiz: Vivian Hayashi MD, Robert Smith MD

Nephrology: David Goldfarb MD

Neurology: Robert Staudinger MD

Pulmonary/Critical Care: Harald Sauthoff, MD

Rheumatology: Peter Izmirly MD

Tales of Survival: Amar Parikh, MD

Contributing Editors: Neha Sathe MD, Daniel Taupin MD,

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