HotSpots: Wave-maven, Clinical Trial Results and Gold Miner

June 6, 2008

jupiterredspot.gifWelcome to HotSpots. In this series, we highlight unique websites of interest to the medical profession. Feel free to make suggestions for sites that should be featured in this series by clicking the comment field or sending us an email.

Commentary by Rachana Jani MD, PGY-1



Every physician needs to be proficient in ECGs – and Dubin can only get you so far. Wave-maven is a great site for hundreds of ECG clinical cases designed to go beyond the textbook basics.

Clinical Trial Results

This site provides comprehensive access to the fast-paced world of cardiology. It not only succinctly details the results of major clinical trials, but also provides numerous presentations that review current guidelines and the pathophysiology behind cardiovascular disease.

Gold Miner

This site is an enormous search engine for radiologic images with corresponding updated journal articles. And if you are interested in advancing radiolographic techniques and how they will help in the clinical world, ask Aunt Minnie (