Happy New Year…and Happy 4th Birthday to Us!

January 1, 2011

File:Times Square ball.jpgFour years and still going strong.  It’s hard to believe.  If you told me when we first launched Clinical Correlations that we would have posted over 700 articles tackling a potpourri of internal medicine, average 1000 hits/day with readers from all over the world, I would have laughed at the ridiculousness of the thought.  But here we are four years later and I am so proud of all we have accomplished.  I’m frequently asked  about our motivation-and to be honest, I never give the same answer twice.  We’re not hoping to make money, we’re not looking to compete with the New England Journal of Medicine and we’re not trying to be the go to news site.  I realize however that we do have a goal; to be as thought provoking as possible.  We want to inspire you to say wow, that’s fascinating, let me go read a little further about that.  Our field of internal medicine is captivating-every aspect, every direction we look, and every now and then we need to stop and remind ourselves of this fact.  That’s what Clinical Correaltions tries to do…turn the noise off for a few moments and try to  answer a difficult question, clarify a complicated disease, or just reflect on what makes us want to be physicians in the first place.

So, in wishing you a Happy New Year it’s only appropriate to give you a chance to take a few moments to recall the most engaging posts from Clinical Correlations in 2010.   Of course I would also like to send a very special thank you to all our contributors-our new managing editor Anita Smitherman, our editors, writers, peer reviewers, copy editors and most of all our readers.

Why do we do this?  The answer I now know is to inspire you…Here’s to a safe, happy and healthy New Year for all.

-Neil Shapiro, MD  Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Correlations

The Top 10 Articles in Chronological Order

1. Evolution and Medicine: Why Do We Age? By: Mark D. Schwartz, MD and Julia Hyland Bruno, MD

2. Mystery Quiz By: Vivian Hayashi, MD and Robert Smith, MD and Mystery Quiz, The Answer

3. Appropriateness for Revascularizaion in Stable Angina By: Ramin Shayegan Hastings MD, Jonathan Willner MD, and Steven Sedlis MD

4. Talk to Your Doctor: Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs Parts I, II, III By: Ishmeal Bradley, MD

5. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis: High on the Differential for Intractable Vomiting By:  Sarah A. Buckley and Nicholas M. Mark

6. Myths and Realities: Heart and Wine: By: Aditya Matoo

7. Tales of Survival Snapshots of Bellevue at night By: Christopher Tully, MD

8. Creatine Kinase: How much is too much? By: Jon-Emile Kenny, MD

9. Proton Pump Inhibitors  2.0 By: Mary Whitman, MD

10. Kayexelate: What is it and does it work? By: Todd Cutler, MD