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From The Archives -The DLO: Does FFP Correct INR?

From the Archives 6 min read

Please enjoy this post from the archives date September 20, 2013

By Nicole A Lamparello, MD

Faculty Peer Reviewed

Page from the hematology laboratory: critical lab value; INR 1.9. Liver biopsy scheduled for tomorrow. What is a knowledgeable physician practicing evidence-based medicine to do?

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) is …

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Health Care: Do Celebrities Know Best?

From the Archives 4 min read

Fox_1988-cropped2-198x300Please enjoy this post from the archives dated August 25, 2013

By Emma Gorynski

Faculty Peer Reviewed

The power that celebrities have over Americans is undeniable. We look to them for guidance on what to listen to, what to wear, and even what to name …

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