Clinical Pathology Conference 6/8/07

June 7, 2007

Welcome to the monthly posting of our NYU Department of Medicine’s Clinical Pathology Conference. Use the links below to review the case and the radiological findings. Our faculty and medical students will be attempting to diagnose this unknown case Friday in the 17 West Conference Room at Bellevue Hospital. Feel free to make your diagnosis by clicking the comment field below. For those who are unable to attend the live conference, we will reveal the answer next week.

CPC 6/8/07

CPC Radiology 6/8/07

Image of Bellevue Amphitheater Courtesty of Ehrman Medical Library, NYU Medical Center

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    Joe Philip on

    My vote is for colon cancer with mets to the liver; although the guiac + stools may be secondary to plt of 50 and perhaps a small bleed in the GI tract. The fatigue and dyspnea is probably secondary to early stages of porto-pulmonary htn as a result of the pt’s cirrhosis and liver disease.

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