Spring Cleaning-Introducing Clinical Correlations 3.0

May 24, 2011

Welcome to Clinical Correlations 3.0.  In case you forgot, we already did 2.0 a few years ago, so it seemed the time was ripe to evolve once again. We’ve redesigned the site from the ground up to give you a clear, crisp website that hopefully catches your eye before it catches your brain.  Over the next several months we’re hoping to refresh not only the interface, but the content as well; more frequent posts, faster hitting pieces that teach you something new each and every day.  Our lofty goal is to make medicine exciting and engaging to read, by no means an easy task as I have learned over the last 4 years.  You don’t know what you’re going to find on a daily basis here and therein lies the fun-answer a clinical question, review a mystery quiz, or shatter that myth that’s not based on evidence.

We are suckers for feedback and would love to hear what you think of the site redesign or anything else about Clinical Correlations.  Use the comment field below or email us directly at clinicalcorrelations@gmail.com .  July is just around the corner-a time that we as physicians are renewed and rejuvenated by the next generation.  Thankfully, the next generation of Clinical Correlations is already here.

-Neil Shapiro, MD, FACP, Editor-in Chief

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    Christian Sinclair on

    Aren’t website re-designs fun? I recently redid Pallimed, but am still cleaning up a few things, especially the social media plug-ins and comments system. Congrats on the new look, will take a look around. Keep up the good work

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