HotSpots: The Evolution of Medicine

May 15, 2014

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Matthew Vorsanger, MD

When we consider the accomplishments that have been made in the history of the field of medicine, taking a step back can reveal an astounding landscape. Please see below for a remarkable infographic produced by Aria Cahill on the Evolution of Medicine.

Evolution of Medicine

Dr. Matthew Vorsanger is an Associate Editor of Clinical Correlations

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    Ephraim Mandel on

    It’s great that you have decided to widen the purview of the site, which I enjoy as is, but welcome an expansion of vision and content. Today the NYT’s ran an article about how the vast majority of medical expenditures are not related to physician payment but are dwarfed by administrative and facility expenses. Is there any way to broach a discussion or exploration on the website of these and similar medical social concerns that impact severely both patient and physician?

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