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Google to Replace Physicians?

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So someone has finally done an official “study” of what most of us were already aware of.  Online at the BMJ is a study proving Google’s diagnostic ability.  The researchers took 3-5 terms from case reports from the NEJM, fed them into …

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Getting Published

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I knew I should have patented my idea for The Journal of Anecdotal Medicine…I certainly joked enough about it for the last several years. Now here comes The Journal of Medical Case Reports. From their website: …

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Diagnostic Dilemma #1-Faculty Response

Clinical Questions GI 3 min read

Commentary By Michael Poles, M.D. Gastroenterologist, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Mircrobiology and Pathology.

Welcome blog readers to this inauguration of the NYU medicine blog. If the future cases are as interesting as this one, I am sure we will be having a lot of fun, and …

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Diagnostic Dilemma #1

Clinical Questions GI < 1 min read

The first in our series of clinical cases with difficult management questions…

Question: 59 y.o. male with pmh notable for hyperlipidemia. Pt had normal lft's, which increased mildly when he was put on a statin. His basic hepatitis screen including …

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Palm Pilot Software

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For those of you with palmpilots or treos this site Ectopic Brain is an excelent resource for all medical software written for the pda. Updated almost daily it features palm specific software with full well written reviews. We’ll be highlighting useful pda software over the …

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Statins and CHF

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This week’s JAMA has an enormous study that looks at chf patients and the use of statins. Data from ~25,000 patients with chf were analyzed for use of statin in the 120 days prior to the initial …

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Headlines: Salmonella Outbreak

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The CDC and the FDA announced yesterday that they are investigating an outbreak of Salmonella typhimurium illness that has affected at least 171 people in 19 states. Symptoms include fever and nonbloody diarrhea. The outbreak seems to be subsiding and they are still unclear as to the source suspecting …

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