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Clinical Correlations

Quick Thinking Part 4-The Conclusion

BellevueWelcome to Quick Thinking. A case is presented in short sections to a faculty expert who will comment on their approach to the patient as the case unfolds. These posts will focus on determining the initial differential diagnoses and diagnostic workups of complicated patient presentations.

Part 1 …

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A New Take on Quitting Smoking…

Breaking News Neuro 1 min read

Landing on the front page of the New York Times today is a study from Science that may turn addiction medicine on its head…no pun intended.   Of 32 smokers who had suffered a brain injury, they found that 16 who had …

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Morning Report-A Frequently Overlooked Diagnosis

ID Neuro 2 min read

A 57 year old female  with a past medical history of hypertension, obesity, remote intravenous drug use and several years of chronic low back pain, with both intermittent radiation to her lower extremities  and decreased sensation in her …

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Syncope W/U

Cardiology Neuro 1 min read

Don’t forget to ask your patients whether they recently attended a screening of Saw III when they are admitted with syncope…

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