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Clinical Correlations

Primecuts – This Week in the Journals

By Christy Morrissey, MD

Peer Reviewed

With medicine advancing at such a rapid pace, it is crucial for physicians to keep up with the medical literature. This can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor given the sheer quantity and breadth of literature released on a daily basis. Primecuts helps you stay current by …

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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner 11/4/19

  • Bellevue Clinic: In patients taking a beta blocker for uncomplicated hypertension, what is the best way to taper it off?
  • Gouverneur Clinic: Are bisphosphonates safe and effective in patients who are vitamin D deficient?
  • Manhattan VA: What is the difference between calcium chloride and calcium gluconate?


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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner – 10/28/19

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Being an outstanding physician and lifelong learner requires stoking the flames of clinical curiosity.  In Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner (CIC) we attempt to succinctly answer actual clinical questions that have been raised on the wards and in the clinics of NYU’s teaching hospitals.  Our answers are not meant to be all …

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