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Clinical Correlations

Mystery Quiz

Dana Clutter, MD

Edited by Vivian Hayashi MD and Robert Smith MD, Mystery Quiz Section Editors

A 25 year old woman infected with HIV presents to an HIV/AIDS clinic in Kampala, Uganda, for evaluation of cutaneous lesions on her face, arms and back. Aside from the disfiguring nature of her lesions, she …

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Links: Online Dermatology Atlas

Dermatology HotSpots 1 min read

The best online dermatology atlas I have come across is  The site originates from Germany and includes an excellent, easily searchable database with terrific pictures and clinical information. The most useful feature of the site however is the differential diagnosis …

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What Is Sezary Syndrome?

Morning Report-Tisch Hospital

Case Presentation: 83 year old with a past medical history of hypertension noted erytematous plaques with scale about 1 year ago.  The rash was associated with diffuse pruritis at that time.  The patient subsequently underwent several …

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