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Should We Screen All Smokers for Lung Cancer?

Commentary by Deborah Shapiro, M.D.  Attending Physician, Dept. Veterans Affairs

The International Early Lung Cancer Action Program Investigators. Survival of patients with stage I lung cancer detected on CT screening. N Engl J Med 2006;355:1763-1771

Over the last few weeks there has been major press in the lay media about this lead article in the NEJM from 10/26/06.  …

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Tamiflu Patients Need Monitoring

Over 100 cases have been reported to the FDA involving the use of Tamiflu and the development of hallucinations, delerium and other unusual behavior mainly in Japanese children.  From the Chicago Tribune article "Health officials have been sensitive about taking any action that might dissuade people from taking Tamiflu, since the drug could play an important role in an outbreak of bird flu."

Read more about it in the Chicago Tribune and FDA websites…here are the links:

FDA announcement

Chicago Tribune Story

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Google to Replace Physicians?

So someone has finally done an official “study” of what most of us were already aware of.  Online at the BMJ is a study proving Google’s diagnostic ability.  The researchers took 3-5 terms from case reports from the NEJM, fed them into google and then looked at the links that were referenced. …

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Improving Stroke Recovery-The EXCITE Trial

The EXCITE trial was the lead article in last week’s JAMA. It looks at a 2 week program of contstraint induced movement therapy vs. usual care in patients suffering a cva within the previous 3-9 months. Pt’s in the treatment arm wore a restraining mitt on the less-affected hand and engaged in tasks/behaviors with the hemiplegic hand.…

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Diagnostic Dilemma #1-Faculty Response

Commentary By Michael Poles, M.D. Gastroenterologist, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Mircrobiology and Pathology.

Welcome blog readers to this inauguration of the NYU medicine blog. If the future cases are as interesting as this one, I am sure we will be having a lot of fun, and hopefully some learning.…

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Diagnostic Dilemma #1

The first in our series of clinical cases with difficult management questions…

Question: 59 y.o. male with pmh notable for hyperlipidemia. Pt had normal lft's, which increased mildly when he was put on a statin. His basic hepatitis screen including A, B and C were all negative, but an iron/tibc was 61% with a nl ferritin.…

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Palm Pilot Software

For those of you with palmpilots or treos this site Ectopic Brain is an excelent resource for all medical software written for the pda. Updated almost daily it features palm specific software with full well written reviews. We’ll be highlighting useful pda software over the next several weeks so stay tuned……

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