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Welcome to Clinical Correlations

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Welcome to the official launch of the NYU Internal Medicine Residency Program’s Blog- Clinical Correlations.  We hope this site becomes a part of your daily routine.  Each weekday we will be posting compelling medical content including:

1. clinical cases …

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Fast Facts-Critical Care

VA MICU Conference 11/22/06

56 y.o. male with PMH ETOH abuse and COPD presented with a LUL PNA and BCx positive for penicillin-resistant pneumococcus.


Early Goal-Directed Therapy in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock

  • Early broad spectrum antibiotics.
  • Goal directed hemodynamic resuscitation with
    • IV fluids
    • pressors
    • PRBCs (for …

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Medical Links: MedpageToday

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If you notice on the right side of our home page on the sidebar is a scroll of updating news items from Medpage Today.  Everytime you log into clinical correlations the sidebar is updated with the latest news.  This site, …

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Fast Facts-Cardiology

Cardiology 2 min read

Welcome to Fast Facts-a new feature of Clinical Correlations.  Look for frequent posts summarizing key teaching points from Morning Reports and Noon Conferences from Bellevue, Tisch and the VA.

Bellevue 11/16/08-William Slater M.D.

34 yo female, 4 weeks post-partum, presents …

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NYU’s Dr. Hochman Releases OAT Results

                          Hochman JS et al. for the Occluded Artery Trial Investigators. Coronary intervention for persistent occlusion after myocardial infarction. N Engl J Med 2006 Nov 14; 355.

Reperfusion via thrombolytics or PCI in patients with acute STEMI has been shown …

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Tamiflu Patients Need Monitoring

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Over 100 cases have been reported to the FDA involving the use of Tamiflu and the development of hallucinations, delerium and other unusual behavior mainly in Japanese children.  From the Chicago Tribune article "Health officials have been sensitive about …

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