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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner – 1/17/22

  •  NYU Brooklyn: How do the updated ‘Surviving Sepsis’ guidelines differ from 2016 recommendations?
  • VA Outpatient: Is there any utility in obtaining an H. pylori serum antibody?
  • Bellevue Inpatient: What is the difference between multifocal atrial tachycardia and a wandering pacemaker? (shoutout Team 3 last block!)

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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner- 1/10/22

  •  VA Inpatient: How does lithium therapy lead to nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, and how is it treated?
  • Bellevue Inpatient: What are some of the various manifestations of Aspergillus infection?
  • VA Outpatient: HIV and Sudden Cardiac Death: What’s the Risk?

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IBS, Anxiety, and the Gut-Brain Axis

Class Act 4 min read

By Quinn Silverglate

Peer Reviewed

At any of the over 26,000 restaurants that populate the city of New York, I have to ask the same questions: “Does this have dairy in it? What about gluten?” …

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Primecuts – This Week in the Journals

PrimeCuts 7 min read

By Joseph Xu, MD

Peer Reviewed

With medicine advancing at such a rapid pace, it is crucial for physicians to keep up with the medical literature. This can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor given the sheer …

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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner – 12/31/2021

  •  NYU Brooklyn: Can we use corticosteroids in Psoriatic Arthritis flares?
  • Bellevue Outpatient: What is the role of apoB in stratifying our patients for cardiovascular disease risk?
  • Tisch Inpatient: In patients with known underlying atrial fibrillation, what should we be counseling regarding alcohol use?

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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner – 12/20/2021

  •  NYU Brooklyn: How does severe vitamin B12 deficiency lead to hemolysis?
  • Bellevue Inpatient: How specific of a test is the BNP for diagnosing heart failure – specifically, are there other conditions that cause a similar level of elevation? (thanks to Sam Sanders for participating in this discussion!)
  • Gouverneur Outpatient: My patient is due for 5 vaccines. Can they get them all at once? (shoutout to our primary care digest this block!)

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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner – 12/13/2021

  • Bellevue Outpatient: Can beta blockers be used to treat hypertension in people with COPD?
  • VA Outpatient: What are the newest USPTF recommendations for low-dose CT screening for lung cancer?
  • Tisch-Kimmel Inpatient: What are some of the extrahepatic manifestations of chronic HCV infection?

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