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PPI-induced Hypocalcemia, A Clinical Vignette

Spotlight 5 min read

By Melissa Velasquez, Wei Qi, MD, Jonathan Chun, MD, David Kudlowitz, MD 

Peer Reviewed

Learning objectives

  1. To describe the causes of hypocalcemia and review the appropriate work-up.
  2. Can eponymous signs assist our diagnosis?
  3. How do proton-pump …

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Chiefs’ Inquiry Corner – 2/10/20

  • NYU Brooklyn: How does vitamin C deficiency result in bleeding?
  • Tisch/Kimmel: What is the recommendation for Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) prophylaxis in HIV patients with CD4 count <50? 
  • Bellevue Hospital: What is the correct way to collect a sample for cryoglobulin testing?

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Primecuts – This Week in the Journals

PrimeCuts 6 min read

By Kyle Ranger Guillory, MD

Peer Reviewed

With medicine advancing at such a rapid pace, it is crucial for physicians to keep up with the medical literature. This can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor given the sheer quantity and breadth of literature released on …

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Inside Out: The Dangers of Dirty Cooking

Class Act 6 min read

By Noah Rosenberg

Peer Reviewed

I walked back on a Friday afternoon from Bellevue Clinic and scrolled through my phone. One of my apps told me I had breathed in 1.4 cigarettes in pollution smoke that …

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