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Clinical Correlations

Personal Responsibility and Medicine Today

Ethics 10 min read

By Ishmael Bradley, MD

In March 2010 President Barack Obama and the Democratic-led Congress passed the single largest change in the American health care industry since the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) …

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Advance Directives: A Move in the Right Direction

Class Act Ethics 7 min read

By Sara-Megumi Naylor

Faculty Peer Reviewed

“Tell me…If you were ever unable to make your own decisions about your medical care, is there someone you would trust to make those decisions for you?”

There is silence.

But then a response. We discuss. I record.

Then …

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Avastin and the Meaning of Evidence

By Antonella Surbone MD PhD and Jerome Lowenstein MD

The recent hearings at the Food and Drug Administration regarding the revocation of approval for the use of Avastin in the treatment of breast cancer [1,2,3] bring into sharp focus several very important …

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Does Medical School Erode Student Empathy?

Class Act Ethics 5 min read

By Nandini Govil

Faculty Peer Reviewed

Empathy is an elusive concept, espoused by many as an integral component of effective doctoring. In the medical literature, empathy is defined as a physician’s ability to recognize and validate a patient’s experiences and perspectives,  and …

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Metaphysics of Medical Futility

Ethics 6 min read

By John J. Mercuri

Faculty Peer Reviewed

Noon: Alarms rang. The residents arrived. Equipment filled the room. The nurse manager called legal. Attending physicians hurried in and out. The family insisted …

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Off Label

Breaking News Ethics 4 min read

By Alexander Volodarskiy, MD

Faculty Peer Reviewed

In a press conference on April 27, 2010, Attorney-General Eric Holder announced that AstraZeneca had agreed to pay a $520 million fine to settle …

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An Immigrant’s Story at Bellevue

Ethics 5 min read

By Synphen H. Wu, PhD  

Faculty Peer Reviewed

Mr. C is a 46-year-old Chinese immigrant restaurant worker who came to Bellevue Hospital after two weeks of fatigue, malaise, right upper quandrant …

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