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Clinical Correlations

Medicine By Numbers: 131 Million

By Maryann Kwa, MD

Faculty Peer Reviewed

131 million: The number of times the most popular medication in the United States was prescribed in 2010.

Recently, IMS Health, a company that monitors annual sales for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, published a list of …

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Avastin and the Meaning of Evidence

By Antonella Surbone MD PhD and Jerome Lowenstein MD

The recent hearings at the Food and Drug Administration regarding the revocation of approval for the use of Avastin in the treatment of breast cancer [1,2,3] bring into sharp focus several very important …

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More Pills, More Problems: The Polypill Revisited

Class Act Pharmacology 5 min read

By Jonathan Leventhal

Faculty Peer Reviewed

Polypharmacy has become an integral part of daily life for millions of chronically ill patients worldwide, and rightfully so. Evidence-based studies have repeatedly demonstrated that multiple drugs are required for optimal therapeutic management in chronic diseases including …

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