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Welcome to Clinical Correlations

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Welcome to the official launch of the NYU Internal Medicine Residency Program’s Blog- Clinical Correlations.  We hope this site becomes a part of your daily routine.  Each weekday we will be posting compelling medical content including:

1. clinical cases …

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Fast Facts-Critical Care

VA MICU Conference 11/22/06

56 y.o. male with PMH ETOH abuse and COPD presented with a LUL PNA and BCx positive for penicillin-resistant pneumococcus.


Early Goal-Directed Therapy in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock

  • Early broad spectrum antibiotics.
  • Goal directed hemodynamic resuscitation with
    • IV fluids
    • pressors
    • PRBCs (for …

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Medical Links: MedpageToday

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If you notice on the right side of our home page on the sidebar is a scroll of updating news items from Medpage Today.  Everytime you log into clinical correlations the sidebar is updated with the latest news.  This site, …

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Fast Facts-Cardiology

Cardiology 2 min read

Welcome to Fast Facts-a new feature of Clinical Correlations.  Look for frequent posts summarizing key teaching points from Morning Reports and Noon Conferences from Bellevue, Tisch and the VA.

Bellevue 11/16/08-William Slater M.D.

34 yo female, 4 weeks post-partum, presents …

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NYU’s Dr. Hochman Releases OAT Results

                          Hochman JS et al. for the Occluded Artery Trial Investigators. Coronary intervention for persistent occlusion after myocardial infarction. N Engl J Med 2006 Nov 14; 355.

Reperfusion via thrombolytics or PCI in patients with acute STEMI has been shown …

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